Friday, May 19, 2006

Creating Family Ties

Traditions are a important part of family identity. Growing up, my family shared many traditions, from salt in the sugar bowl on April Fool's Day to our annual midnight party on Christmas Eve. It has been exciting to share some of these traditions with my wife and son, as well as establish new traditions of our own.

Last year, Judy started attending a monthly gathering hosted by Dana Moler of Once Upon a Family (a company devoted to helping families create traditions and stay connected), during which Dana and the other mom's share ideas on how to create lasting family ties.

On Saturday, May 27 Judy is hosting a Once Upon a Family celebration at our home and you are invited. Dana will be there to inspire you with several great ways to strengthen family ties. To learn more you can go to Once Upon a Family.

For directions and to RSVP contact Judy at

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