Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Travel Tips: Snacks

The travel snack of astronauts!

My favorite travel snacks as a kid were Space Food Sticks and Easy Cheese (that's right, cheese in a can). We still bring Easy Cheese on trips - it's great for creating edible art on a cracker (if you're the type that considers cheese from a can edible). We also bring along healthier options like grapes, carrots and celery, dried fruit and nuts Trader Joe's has lots of tasty and healthy snacks).

Rather than filling our car with lots of big boxes and bags of food, Judy filled Ziploc snack bags and small sealable containers with our favorite snack foods, then put a variety into sealed 1 gallon Ziploc bags. This kept the food fresh and allowed us to have a lot a variety without taking up a lot of space. The size was perfect for Ethan and just enough for us, but you could use larger containers for older kids. We put one 1 gallon bag in the glove box and the rest in the trunk. Whenever we ran out or needed some variety we got a new bag from the trunk.

What are/were some of your favorite snacks? Share them in the comments. The first three people to post will receive one package of their favorite snack, FREE. (Snack must be $5 or less. In the event that we cannot locate the snack, we will provide a similar item.)


smilerealbig said...

Mom could never go wrong with the little crackers-and-cheese packets. There's something to be said for addictive, processed foods when you're traveling. It had that red cheese-scooper stick that always disappeared or fell in the dirt so that I had to (aw, shucks)use my finger to get the last of the cheesy substance out of the bottom of the flimsy plastic square... More, please! Then, on the healthier side of things: 1. apples and ranch dressing or celery and peanut butter; 2. cherries -- my brother and I had a great time spitting the seeds out the window of the car.

Jeremy Dodgen said...

I love(d) those crackers-and-cheese snacks! I'm a sucker for processed cheese. We got the Pretzels 'n Cheez (spelled cheez so no one mistakes it for actual cheese) packs for our latest trip and after dipping the pretzels, then the fingers, Ethan licked the container clean. It was a snack and a travel activity! Thanks for your tips - look for your five pack of Handi-Snacks soon.