Friday, October 20, 2006

Frames for your little Michelangelo

Ethan makes a lot of art these days. I have wanted to display some of it in a more formal way (than just stuck to the fridge), but also wanted to be able to easily update the display with his latest masterpiece. Here is a great solution from the latest issue of ReadyMade magazine. Tacking the art onto small cork boards makes it easy to update with the latest painting (or photograph of the painter), while maintaining the look of framed art.

If you're not familiar with ReadyMade, check it out. In their words, "ReadyMade is a magazine [and a blog] for people who like to make stuff, who see the flicker of invention in everyday objects -- the perfectly round yolk in the mundane egg." They have lots of fun, do-it-yourself ideas. Pick up a copy of the latest issue to see how to make these cool corkboard frames.

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