Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Photo Tip: Include Yourself in the Picture

One comment I hear a lot when photographing families is that mom (or dad) is never in the family's pictures, because she is usually the one taking them. If you are that mom (or dad), give your family photographic proof that you were there, by employing these suggestions and including yourself in the picture. I would love to see and hear about the creative ways you've included yourself in the picture (e-mail me or describe them in the comments).

Do It Yourself:

Arms Length - Have everyone gather in close, hold the camera out as far as you can with it pointed back at you and shoot. It takes practice (learning where to point the camera and trying not to scrunch your chin into your chest - unless you want a lot of extra chins), but can be really effective at capturing spontaneous moments of everyone together. Digital cameras make this easier than ever because you can see if the technique "worked" or if you need to reshoot.

Timer or Remote - Most modern cameras have a self-timer, which allows you to put the camera on a tripod or other solid surface, compose the picture (leaving some space for yourself), activate the timer and quickly move into the picture. Read your manual to find out more.

Reflections - Capture your reflection in a mirror, window, or other reflective surface. Remember to turn off the flash (or angle the camera) to avoid the picture being of a bright white spot.



Combine the versatile GorillaPod with your camera's self-timer or remote, to get the shot just about anywhere.

Involve Others:

Appoint an assistant - Assign another member of the family to take pictures for a while.

Ask a passerby - People are very friendly and generally willing to help out.

Hire a professional - Photographing families is what we do. We will travel nearly anywhere to capture your family in action and guarantee that you will love the results.

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