Friday, April 10, 2009

Fun and Photography at Gymboree

I love photographing children involved in a favorite activity, in their environment. It is the best way to capture their personality, and much more fun than sitting in a studio (for everyone involved). That is why I enjoy photographing at Gymboree Play + Music. It is a perfect location, with its rich blend of activities, equipment and music, specifically designed to challenge and engage children five and under. The children, if they notice me at all, are generally having so much fun that they are not concerned with forcing their fake "cheese" smiles.

I will be photographing at two Gymboree locations in a few weeks. If you are interested in attending, or getting more detials, contact one of the Gymboree locations below:

Cedar Hills Shopping Center
Tuesday, April 28 at 3:30 pm
Call today to reserve your space, 503-384-0542

Lake Oswego/Bridgeport
Friday, May 1 at 3:30 pm
Call today to reserve your space, 503-670-1683

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