Wednesday, May 05, 2010

iBox is Here

All of the tech buzz may be about Apple's new iPad, but we are pretty excited about our new iBox, a cardboard laptop computer we made ourselves.

We used an old box with a single flap top, an Apple sticker (if you have a Mac your probably have a couple of these lying around), a picture of a keyboard and track pad that we cut out of an old Mac laptop box (though I had planned on either taking a picture of a keyboard and printing it or drawing our own custom keyboard), a letter-sized sheet protector (available in clear or non-glare) to use as the monitor, and screen shots of a few of our favorite applications and websites, that we then printed and slide into the sheet protector when we want to work on a specific application (of course we can also create our own "applications" to put on the screen).

We also added a USB port (a hole cut into the side of the box) to plug in peripherals like a portable cardboard hard drive and our digital camera.

For more fun projects using cardboard boxes, click here.

1 comment:

doreen said...

jeremy, if i hadn't grown up with you and been to your house now i would not believe the amazing lengths to which you go to make amazing things out of nothing. your creativity is such an inspiration to me!!! thank you for giving me a niece and a nephew and for loving them so well. thank you, as well, for motivating us to be creative when so much of the world is giving up the making of toys in favor of buying disposable ones.